Graduate College Preparation

Since the decision to attend graduate school requires careful planning, start early and take advantage of our many resources.

Evaluating Applying Essays

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Why Consider Graduate School?

While in some fields an advanced degree is required to enter your chosen profession, or will increase your marketability, in others additional work experience is more relevant. Since graduate school is self-directed in nature, students who are self-motivated and have clear goals will more likely be successful in completing a graduate program. 

Can you commit to a career field?

Are you interested in attending graduate school but are unable to select a specific field or degree program? You will want to spend some time clarifying your interests before completing your undergraduate program. Meet with a career advisor, talk with faculty members, and consider an internship in your field of interest. You may also want to consider gaining a year or two of work experience to help focus your goals.

Should I consider applying for a Graduate Assistantship?

Many graduate programs offer one of three types of graduate assistantships: administrative, teaching or research. These competitive awards typically provide compensation in the form of a full tuition waiver in addition to a monthly stipend for 10-20 hours of work per week. Students should first inquire through their academic program regarding the availability of assistantships.  Learn more about Graduate Assistantships at Kent State University by clicking the button below.

Kent State Graduate Assistantship Guide

Is graduate study worth the investment?

Investigate the employment outlook for your field of interest and talk with professionals and current graduate students about the benefits and potential drawbacks of that path.

Can you live the student lifestyle?

A full-time Master's degree will typically take two years to complete, while Ph.D. and some professional degrees require three or more years. Part time enrollment will require additional time and may even be discouraged in some programs. During this time period you will focus intensely on your academic subjects and typically forfeit a competitive salary, workday routine and leisure time.

Can you manage the financial commitment?

Ultimately you will need to decide if graduate school is of value and worth the investment. Before making that decision, you should investigate potential funding sources including fellowships or scholarships awarded by outside organizations. Institution-based aid most frequently takes the form of a graduate/teaching assistantship which expects part-time employment in exchange for a stipend and tuition reimbursement.