• Riba Khan

    Riba Khan

    As an international student, I need to go through a lot of employment paperwork and formalities before actually starting my job, but Career Exploration and Development make the process so smooth and quick.

  • Emma Snyder

    Emma Snyder

    I met with Tracy Montgomery, one of the Senior Career Advisors, and had a wonderful experience. I learned more about myself through meeting with her, including how my skills and personality fit into specific majors and careers. I felt heard and supported, while also being given helpful advice.

  • Sophia Kiriakou

    Sophia Kiriakou

    My most notable experience with CED had been receiving my first professional headshot. I had an amazing experience with the photographer and felt at ease while taking the photo. Additionally, I encourage everyone to utilize the webinars and workshops that CED hosts, they are a great way to discover credible information and opportunities for students and alumni.

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Career Communities are a way to organize and cluster occupations and industries. They are designed to help you explore, engage with and discover careers that align with your interests and goals.

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