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What is Flashes GROW? Girls Studying in the Library

Flashes GROW (Guided Reflection on Work) is a nationally recognized model that allows for brief, structured conversations between student employees and their supervisors to help students connect the skills and knowledge they are gaining in the classroom with the work they are doing, and vice versa. Flashes GROW is focused on making student employment a "high-impact activity" - one that requires students to reflect on their learning and connect their learning within and beyond the classroom. 

GROW was created by the  University of Iowa and more than 150 schools use the model with student staff on their campuses.   

Four quick questions 

Flashes GROW conversations are guided by four questions: 

  1. How is this job fitting in with your academics? 
  2. What are you learning here that’s helping you in school? 
  3. What are you learning in class that you can apply here at work? 
  4. Can you give me a couple of examples of things you’ve learned here that you think you’ll use in your chosen profession? 

Supervisors are very important assets in helping students make these connections between work and school. 

Supervisors regularly check in with student employees on workflow, tasks, and assignments. Taking an extra minute or two to periodically check in on how students are doing in classes, and even asking them to relate what they’re learning on the job to course work or vice versa can be all it takes to help get some connections firing. 

How does Flashes GROW work? 

The GROW model provides four questions that supervisors ask their student staff to answer twice each semester. Conversations can be in an individual or group setting and center around a student's competency development. 

Making Students’ Jobs More Meaningful 

On-campus student employment is a method for supporting student success here at Kent State University and beyond. Student employment can connect students in the following focus areas (NASPA, 2019): 

  • Academic enrichment provides students with educational learning experiences that enable them to develop intellectually, build career-readiness skills, and access adequate instructional support. 
  • Social engagement ensures that students have access and opportunity to freely participate in diverse, educational, community-building activities outside of the classroom with peers, faculty, and staff.  
  • Financial capability helps students build the capacity to meet the financial demands of higher education. 


How do I begin? (for supervisors) 

Supervisors interested in Flashes GROW must attend a mandatory Flashes GROW Supervisor Training. To sign up for a training, please complete the Supervisor Training Registration Form linked in the Student Employment Supervisor Portal. With additional questions, please call Career Exploration and Development at 330-672-2360 or email