Kent State University Graduate Assistantship Guide

What is a Graduate Assistantship?

Many graduate programs offer one of three types of graduate assistantships: administrative, teaching or research.

Most assistantships are awarded to doctoral students, and some programs fund 100% of their graduate students while others do not. These competitive awards typically provide compensation in the form of a full tuition waiver in addition to a monthly stipend for 10-20 hours of work per week. Students should first inquire through their academic program regarding the availability of assistantships; however, other available assistantships and campus jobs are posted through Handshake.

To find out what financial aid might be available to you, contact the One Stop for Student Services.

Tips for Searching for Assistantships

  1. For assistantships in a student's program, the student must submit the Application for Graduate Assistantship and a resume to the graduate program coordinator.
  2. Administrative graduate assistantships (assisting faculty, staff, and administrators) and hourly campus positions for students are often posted on Handshake. Be sure to do the following in Handshake:
    1. Update your profile
    2. Upload a resume
    3. Search for positions
  3. Some positions may not be posted, so networking and contacting departments directly (does not have to be within your discipline) is critical to locating opportunities.
  4. Talk with your professors about possible leads and department resources. Also, follow up with departments regarding applications submitted. Find out how you can improve your candidacy for other opportunities.
  5. Meet with a Career Advisor in Career Exploration and Development for a resume critique, interview practice, help with networking , and information on using Handshake.
  6. Contact the Student Financial Aid Office to see what aid might be available to you.

Division of Graduate Studies

Graduate student and assistantship policies are the responsibility of the Division of Graduate Studies, Cartwright Hall, 650 Hilltop Drive, 330-672-2661. Additional assistantship information and policy can be found at their web page.