Student Employment Handbook - Overview of Student Employment Program


The Career Exploration and Development Executive Director is the appointing authority responsible for the administration of student employment throughout the eight-campus system.

Career Exploration and Development's Student Employment HandbookRecruiting Policy, and the KSU Policy Register serve to clarify the procedures, policies, and legal hiring practices associated with student employment at Kent State. The University's student employment programs are subject to and will be administered in accordance with applicable Federal and State laws governing employment practices.

Career Exploration and Development's centralized student employment service is designed to provide all students equal access to job information and opportunities. Kent State employs more than 5,000 students annually in over 8,000 positions on campus.

Employment should complement a student's academic experience. It is the policy of the University to employ students part-time, and not to displace or reduce full-time employment opportunities.

Career Exploration and Development also administers the Job Location and Development Program in order to develop off-campus employment opportunities for students, regardless of financial need. Students can view all on- and off-campus position openings on HANDSHAKE.

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KSU Policy Register

The University Policy Register is a compilation of the official university, administrative and operational policies of Kent State University. The purpose of this online register is to serve the university community as a source of reliable information and as a foundation on which decisions can be made.

It is the duty of the Office of General Counsel to oversee and maintain the official University Policy Register as provided for in the Kent State University Constitution.

It is the duty of the Office of General Counsel to record in the University Policy Register, upon receipt, any university, administrative or operational policies as approved in accordance with the Kent State University Constitution and the rules of the Ohio Legislative Service Commission. Upon its posting in this official University Policy Register, that particular policy or procedure will then be recognized as official and operational. The effective date of the policies will be 14 days after it is submitted to the Commission.

This Policy Register is updated through periodic additions, deletions and changes. Policies under revision or pending with the Ohio Legislative Commission will be marked "Policy Under Revision" in red to indicate that the reader should be aware that the language may be revised. Further information may be obtained by contacting the Office of General Counsel, 330-672-2982.

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