Scheduled Tutoring FAQ

What Courses are available for tutoring?
How do I schedule a tutoring appointment?

You can schedule your own appointments using a system called TutorTrac. You’ll be able to search for available tutors based on the courses you’re currently taking and can select your time. To view our availabilities and make an appointment, start here.

How do I cancel an appointment?

If your appointment is MORE THAN 24 hours away, log in to TutorTrac the same way you did when you made the appointment. Once logged in, you should see your Upcoming Appointments on the main screen. You can click on the “X” next to the appointment to cancel it.

If your appointment is LESS THAN 24 hours away, you must call the ASC to cancel. You can reach us at 330-672-3190. It is important to note that if you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice twice in a semester, you will be locked out from scheduling future appointments until you meet with our Tutoring Program Coordinator. If this happens to you, please call us or come to CUE 114 schedule a time to talk to the Coordinator.

How do I find the TutorTrac Link to join my online tutoring session?

You can come back here to the ASC website and click the schedule button above to return to TutorTrac or you can bookmark the TutorTrac link as a favorite. You’ll also find a link to TutorTrac in your reminder email!

How do I reschedule an appointment if I had to cancel an existing one?

Make sure you cancel your original first – the system will only allow you to have one scheduled appointment per course each week. Then, you can schedule a new appointment the same way you did before.

When can I schedule a tutoring appointment?

All appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance (which means you can’t schedule a same-day appointment).

As for when in the semester to schedule – as soon as you think of it! Don’t wait for when things get really difficult. Starting the habit sooner can help you stay ahead and on top of your classes. Our tutors not only help with content, but can also help you with study strategies and other skills, so tutoring can help you at any point, regardless of your grade!

What if no tutoring appointments are available for my course?

I don’t see an appointment when I need it. Our scheduling system (TutorTrac) only shows appointments for the upcoming week. In addition, we require all appointments to be scheduled 24 hours or more in advance. So for example, if it is a Monday and you’re looking to make an appointment, you should see availabilities for Tuesday through the following Monday.

No available appointments appear. Either all the available appointments are full or we don’t support the course you’re looking for with scheduled tutoring.

My course isn’t on the list. If we don’t have tutoring for your course, check with your college to see if they offer tutoring or other support. You can also see if eTutoring supports your class. We also recommend visiting your professor’s office hours – which is a great idea even if you do go to tutoring!

How long is a tutoring appointment?

Appointments are scheduled for 50 minutes.

Will my tutoring appointment be one-on-one?

All scheduled appointments can have up to 3 students per session. All students in a given session will be taking the same course with the same instructor

How should I prepare for my tutoring appointment?

You will get the most out of your session if you come prepared with questions and/or specific concepts that you want to focus on during the session. You should also be attending class regularly – tutoring can’t replace actually being in class!

Make sure you bring any course materials, notes, and textbooks to your appointment. If you will require a computer, you will need to bring your own.

How frequently can I meet with a tutor for my course?

You may have two appointments per course per week.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

Nothing, if it’s your first missed appointment. If you miss two appointments in a semester, you will be locked out from scheduling future appointments until you meet with your Tutoring Program Coordinator. If this happens to you, please call us at 330-672-3190 or come to CUE 114 to schedule time to talk to the Coordinator. 

Note that a “missed appointment” means that you did not cancel your appointment in advance and then did not show up for your scheduled appointment. We track this and temporarily remove scheduling privileges when this happens twice because we want to make sure all students who want to come to tutoring have the opportunity to do so. Notifying us of a cancellation more than 24 hours in advance is important because it opens up that spot for another student. (Remember, appointments can ONLY be made more than 24 hours in advance…so if you wait to cancel, you also take away the option for another student to attend that appointment.)

What do I do if I am blocked from making an appointment?

Call the ASC at 330-672-3190 or come to CUE 114 to schedule time to talk to the Tutoring Program Coordinator.

What happens to my appointment if the university is closed (ex: snow day)?

If the university is closed for a snow day or other unplanned event, all tutoring appointments will be automatically cancelled. This will not be held against you. If you receive a message that you “missed” an appointment that should have been excused due to a university closure, don’t be alarmed! We may not be able to update our system in time to prevent the automatic notice from being sent to you, but we will be checking to make sure you won’t be inadvertently penalized.

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