Freedom of expression is one of the core values of Kent State University.

We are fully committed to supporting first amendment rights and encouraging individuals of all backgrounds and viewpoints to share their unique voices and express their opinions freely. We believe that what brings us together is what sets us apart and the expressions of differing beliefs from different people makes us stronger. Working in collaboration, our diverse voices can create positive change, on all of our campuses, in our communities and around the world.

Overarching Policies and Reports

  • Policy Register

    Policy Register

    The University Policy Register is a compilation of the official university, administrative and operational policies of Kent State University.

  • Freedom of Expression Report

    Freedom of Expression Report

    Kent State's SB 40 compliance report.

Events & Engagement Requirements

  • Events and Activities Requirements

    Events and Activities Requirements

    Scheduling events on campus is relative to the type of organization making the request and must be scheduled in the name of the organization hosting, sponsoring or implanting the event. Find out how.

  • Policy on engagement with governmental officials and entities

    Policy on engagement with governmental officials and entities

    Administrative policy about engagement with governmental officials and entities

General Resources

  • Code of Student Conduct

    Code of Student Conduct

    As a student of Kent State University, it’s essential that you understand the Code of Student Conduct. Explore its contents below to find out the rules you must follow while attending Kent State – and the student discipline procedures.

  • Academic Freedom for Faculty

    Academic Freedom for Faculty

    Report on academic freedom and personal responsibility.

These materials are shared at new student, transfer student and new faculty and staff orientations.