Mission Statement

The Office of Government and Community Relations cultivates effective and sustainable relationships with federal, state and local elected officials and staff, community and private sector stakeholders to advance the vision, mission and values of Kent State University and the communities we serve.

Vision Statement

To be the public sector hub and trusted advisor for Kent State University and our community partners.

Student's First

The Office of Government and Community Relations actively promotes the University's strategic priorities, the academic success and financial needs of our more than 38,000 students. With the State of Ohio supporting 22% of the University’s operating budget and 40% of our undergraduate students receiving federal financial aid, advocating for continued state support and the continuation of financial aid programs is essential to student success.

A Distinctive Kent State

The Office of Government and Community Relations links elected officials and other decision-makers to the nationally ranked research, programs and achievements of our institution. We advocate for state and federal legislation that enhances the mission of Kent State University. We drive cross-divisional advocacy, identify state and federal agency programs, and facilitate pathways to access resources in support of student and faculty academic and research endeavors.

Global Competitiveness

We advance the University’s global reach and impact by supporting academic and student programs that facilitate an environment of international welcome, learning and dialogue. With an international student body of more than 1,700 students, Government and Community Relations has facilitated relationships to address government policies impacting international students and to create a welcoming reception for our students upon arrive in the United States.

Regional Impact

The Office of Government and Community Relations champions an active platform for regional engagement, service and partnerships. As the primary liaison to the communities within the Kent State University footprint, Government and Community Relations has regular contact with stakeholders from across Northeast Ohio and the state of Ohio. We help to leverage the resources and assets of the University to impact and transform our greater campus communities.

Organization Stewardship

As the University has grown, so has the number of connections and contributions to the vitality of the region. Government and Community Relations strives to ensure stewardship of state assets and provide avenues of communication highlighting the University’s culture of efficiency and continuous improvement.