Events and Activities Guidelines

(Applies to ALL indoor and outdoor events and activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic) 

Virtual/remote events are strongly preferred – per the Ohio Department of Health Recommended Best Practices for Institutions of Higher Education: “Consider virtual rather than in-person student activities and general campus events where practicable.”  

  • All scheduled events and activities must adhere to State of Ohio Department of Health, city and county guidelines. 

  • All scheduled events and activities must be registered through University Scheduling, Conferences & Special Events and must follow all University Events operational guidelines and procedures. All regional campus events should follow specific campus operational procedures and be registered with the equivalent regional campus office, responsible for the registration of all non-instructional events on that campus.  

  • All participants must follow the Flashes Safe Seven

  • Every registered event will require the organizer to assert, by checking a box on the reservation form, that the event will comply with State of Ohio Department of Health guidelines and the Flashes Safe Seven. 

  • Events and activities central to the academic mission of Kent State University are given priority. Space is limited. 

  • All scheduled, in-person events are strongly encouraged to have a plan for virtual delivery in the event that federal, state, county, city or university guidelines change during the course of the semester because of an increase in COVID-19 cases. 

  • All events and activities must include a plan for registering participants for contact tracing, in coordination with the COVID-19 Response Team. All events with more than 50 participants will require tickets and pre-registration. No same-day registrations allowed. Pre-registration lists will be shared with the COVID-19 Response Team in advance of the event. 

  • Absent Ohio State Department of Health, county or city guidelines that limit the number of people who can be present at at gathering or event, the number of participants for any indoor event is dictated by the safe occupancy cap for the reserved space. This cap is determined by the pandemic committee and the university architect’s office. The university will not provide space for any events that exceed indoor venue space caps. Rather, these events must be virtual/remote. 

  • No indoor tabling in hallways or corridors is permitted. Select, approved outdoor tabling is allowed on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Participants in outside, unscheduled events will be provided information on the Flashes Safe Seven guidelines. 

  • Athletics will schedule athletics events before athletics venues are opened for other activities and events and will adhere to the above guidelines as well as athletics-specific state guidelines and requirements from relevant organizations (for example, the NCAA). 

  • Club sports will be scheduled through Rec Services and will adhere to the above guidelines as well as requirements from relevant organizations. 

  • Undergraduate Admissions will schedule all university tours and will adhere to the above guidelines. 

  • Demonstrations, Marches, Protests and other activities are protected by the First Amendment. Kent State University encourages anyone participating in expressive activities on campus to follow the Flashes Safe Seven.