University Event Registration Operational Procedures

Operational Procedures for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021

Operational Procedures are an extension of the University Events and Conference Services (UECS) event registration process and are designed to provide clients utilizing facilities with a clear understanding of their responsibilities.

Users/Clients of Kent State University (KSU) facilities shall observe all applicable UECS and KSU policies, as well as all local, state and federal laws, statutes, and ordinances. The client shall only have the use of the facilities as specified on the event registration confirmation. All alterations to the facility, building systems, room set-ups or equipment are subject to approval from UECS staff members. At the conclusion of the event, users/clients should leave facilities in a clean, safe condition.

UECS reserves the right to alter and/or amend this Procedures document.  The Kent Student Center Director or designee shall determine any matters not expressly covered by these Policies and Procedures.

A diagram of the set-up of the third floor meeting rooms in the Kent Student Center can be found here.

Definition of Terms

Academic Term – the first day of fall semester classes through last day of spring semester final exams
Event – any use of university facilities or grounds that must be registered
Web Request – your event has been submitted through the online portal and requires review from UECS staff
Hold – your event has been reviewed by a UECS staff member and requires additional approvals and/or details
Future Hold - your event is on hold and is scheduled to take place in a future semester
Approval– your event registration space request has been approved by the UECS office
Registration – the formal process for reserving use of university facilities and/or grounds.
Event Registration Confirmation – formal document approving use of university facilities and/or grounds
Registered Student Organizations – a student organization registered with the university
Departments – a department, center, school, college, or division of the university
Co-Sponsorship – a joint venture between registered student organizations or university departments with a non-university entity
Non-University Guest – members outside the university community including, but not limited to: alumni, visitors, non-students, non-employees, and entities or organizations not registered through the Kent State University Center for Student Involvement
Client/User – an individual who is registering an event
Facility – any building, structure, or facility owned and operated by Kent State University
Grounds – any outdoor area on Kent State University property
Hourly Event Pricing – includes all charges for the requested space(s) except for parking permits, specialty rentals not provided by the university, event specific labor, Teleproductions, food service/catering


Event Registration Process Summer 2021 and Fall 2021

  • All scheduled events and activities registered must adhere to the State of Ohio Department of Health, city, and county guidelines.
  • Summer 2021 requests for use of University facilities or grounds must be submitted via email Requests for space are not guaranteed until an approved confirmation of event registration has been issued. 
  • Fall 2021 requests for the use of University facilities or grounds must be submitted utilizing the Event Management System (EMS) web request portal for all registered student organizations and university departments. Requests are not guaranteed until an approved confirmation of event registration has been issued. Once event registration confirmation is received, users/clients may submit changes in writing via email [] or through the EMS web request portal.
  • Event registration requests are processed in the order in which they are received, with consideration given to the size of the group, type of set-up needed, and space availability. UECS reserves the right to assign and, if necessary, reassign facilities to assure the maximum and most appropriate use of facilities.
  • Event registration requests for regular meetings within the Kent Student Center (KSC) for registered student organization and university department events received less than seven (7) calendar days before the event may be denied due to insufficient time and/or space available to process and accommodate the request.
  • Event registration requests for university departments for academic classrooms, conference rooms, and lecture halls that seat less than 50 people received less than seven (7) calendar days before the event may be denied due to insufficient time and/or space available to process and accommodate the request.
  • Event registration requests for registered student organizations and university departments in the KSC Ballroom, KSC Kiva and Cartwright Hall Room 306, (Risman Plaza, Student Green, Manchester Field, Commons, etc.) received less than thirty (30) calendar days before the event may be denied due to insufficient time to process and accommodate the request.
  • UECS reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule event registrations.   Considerations for cancellations can be directed by the University or due to situations beyond the control of the University (e.g., adverse weather conditions/acts of nature, disruption of utilities, pandemics, etc.). 
  • If false information is provided with an event registration request or if the event & activities guidelines are not followed, the registered event is subject to cancellation and UECS may take disciplinary action against groups or individuals. Events for Registered Student Organizations will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct

Hourly Event Charges

KSU implemented an hourly event pricing structure, tiered based on the university’s affiliation with the group, (registered student organization, university department, co-sponsorship, and non-university). The hourly event rate encompasses all charges for the use of space, audio-visual equipment, and furniture in the KSC and campus-wide, UFM, and KSC labor. Additional individual charges will occur for catering, parking permits, specialty rentals or other items not provided by the university, event-specific labor and teleproductions. Event registration rate schedule can be found at

Event Custodial Charges

The UECS office, in cooperation with UFM, will determine if your event occurs outside the normal custodial cleaning schedule for the facility.

The hourly charge for the entirety of the event will be incurred for any event that occurs outside of the regular custodial shift (all events after 5 p.m. on Friday through Sunday) and/or has any type of food service (KSU Catering or external). Exception: Events with light refreshments (coffee, juice), under ten (10) people, or events within a private office suite.   

Any events that fail to report the number of participants, or the fact that they will be providing food, will be charged a minimum clean up fee following the event of $100.00 following the event.

Estimated Fees and Deposits


Estimated fees are based on the specific facilities and services requested for the registered event. Special features of an event may involve additional fees. All fees are subject to change.


    • No deposit is required.
    • No deposit is required.

Outstanding Balances

If a group has an outstanding balance that is past due for thirty (30) days or more, the group will not be permitted to register additional space until that balance is reconciled. Any outstanding balance which has been past due for sixty (60) days will result in the cancellation of all events currently registered by the client/user. The group will need to resubmit space registration requests once the balance is reconciled. Any outstanding balance which is past due for ninety (90) days will be turned in for collection with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Room Arrangement

Members of organizations are not permitted to move furniture in any campus building on their own. Organizations will need to work with the U.E.C.S. and provide all special setup needs a minimum of seven (7) days prior to an event.  Not all university facility spaces can have an alternate arrangement.   

Guidelines for Registered Outdoor Events

All policies for registered indoor events also apply to registered outdoor events. For example, no open fires or grills with charcoal are permitted in outside spaces. Tents requiring staking or other signs causing penetration of the lawn cannot be set up without prior approval from the University Facilities Management Grounds department. Tents may not cover the grass for more than three (3) days.  Some tents may require a permit. The client will be responsible for securing tent permits through the State of Ohio, as well as any associated costs.

Signs, banners, and other items may not be attached to furniture, trees, or light poles. Existing furniture setups in outdoor areas may not be moved without prior approval from UECS.

UECS does not provide alternate indoor facilities, in case of inclement weather, unless previously requested and approved. Cancellations for outdoor space, or equipment for use in that space, must be made 48 hours prior to the event set-up time to avoid charges. The decision to move indoors must be made within 48 hours of event set-up time.  UECS reserves the right to delay, postpone, relocate or cancel events in the event of inclement weather. In addition, the “nature of the event” regarding the impact of foot or vehicular traffic, supplies, or equipment on the grass or pavers may affect usage. Based on traffic patterns of events, further changes and modifications may also be necessary (e.g., a ground covering may be required).


The use of university facilities provides a gathering place for Kent State University students, faculty, staff, alumni, clients and their guests. These users and their guests shall not interfere with the regular use of the building by other facility guests. Excessive noise or other disruptive behavior is prohibited. Normal building hours for academic spaces are 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. Monday –Friday, closed Saturday - Sunday, some academic spaces may adjust hours as needed.

Building hours for the (KSC, Student Recreation and Wellness Center and Ice Arena, and University Library) can be referenced on their departmental websites.

Facility access and use must be within the allotted registered time as noted on the Event Registration Confirmation. Registered times must include event preparation, decorating, and/or rehearsal time, as well as time after the event to remove decorations, client equipment, and other items. Clients/Users who have not removed all decorations, equipment, and other items by the closing time of the university facility can be assessed an extended facility hours’ charge of $125.00 per hour, or part thereof.

Requests to extend the use of the space beyond facility hours must be submitted for approval a minimum of thirty (30) business days in advance of the event and will be assessed an extended facility hours’ charge of $125.00 per hour, or part thereof. University staff shall have the right to access and enter any event space for any reasonable purpose during the registered event time.

Safety Assessment

A safety assessment is conducted prior to each scheduled event. During the assessment, the following factors and questions are considered to determine the proper level of security needed at the event:

  • Event type (concert, sporting event, festival, speaker, sales, etc.)
  • Will alcohol be served at the event?
  • Estimated attendance
  • Location or venue
  • Access level (public, ticketed, invite only)
  • Will cash be collected at the event?
  • Prior history of similar events
  • Number of university staff to be present
  • Other events taking place on campus at that time
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Impact of event, if any, on normal campus operations and/or academic mission of the university

Once the necessary level of security is determined, resources are secured by the UECS Office to ensure that necessary safety measures are in place.

The university reserves the right to implement the appropriate level of security to accommodate a safe event.


Clients/users are advised that the use of the following items are strictly prohibited in all Kent State University facilities: deadly weapons, as defined in section 2923.11 of the Ohio Revised Code, including but not limited to firearms, explosive devices, or other dangerous ordnances. Groups with events that disregard this notification will be subject to immediate cancellation of their event by Kent State University and be subject to loss of deposit (if any) and the loss of future Event Registration privileges.

Fire and Open Flame

Open flames (e.g., candles, lighters, torches), combustible vegetation (e.g., hay, straw, evergreen trees); pyrotechnic devices, smoke/fog/haze machines, or dry ice are prohibited inside University facilities unless approved, in advance, by the University's Fire Prevention Office.

Fires, grills, or open flames are not permitted on outside spaces unless approved, in advance, by Fire Prevention Office.

Groups with events that disregard this notification will be subject to immediate cancellation of their event by Kent State University and be subject to loss of future Event Registration privileges. Registered Student Organizations will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.


Spaces on the Kent Campus may not be set up or decorated in any manner without prior consent from UECS staff. UECS, with the assistance of other university personnel, must approve the location and type of special decorations, balloons, banners, or signs (indoor and outdoor). Existing university signage must not be covered or otherwise obstructed. All exit doors, exit lights, fire sprinkler heads, fire alarm pulls, fire extinguishers, and other emergency or safety equipment must be kept free of obstacles or decorative materials. Decorations, balloons, signs, banners, etc. may not be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled, or otherwise fastened to ceilings, walls, doors, windows, painted surfaces, or columns. All decorations must be flame retardant. Large banners may be hung with the assistance of the University's maintenance staff and prior approval from UECS staff. All decorations must be removed by the client/user immediately following the event daily. Any costs incurred by UECS for the removal of these items will be charged to the client/user. UECS is not responsible for damages to or loss of any materials, displays, gifts, favors, or other items left behind following any event.

Please note the following items are not permitted in any University facilities:

  • Straw or other dry plant material
  • Special effects equipment, such as smoke, fog and fire machines, sparklers, etc.
  • Sand weights, confetti, glitter, rice, dance wax, powder, or similar materials
  • Adhesive-backed (stick-on) decals or similar items
  • Paint, chemicals, or liquids that can damage the facility
  • Glitter/confetti

UECS must approve any special needs for decorations, exhibits, and displays beyond the scope of the above-stated conditions in conjunction with the Office of the University Architect.

Groups will be held responsible for any damage or additional cleaning that is required from their decorating.


Clients/users cannot hang signs advertising an event throughout the interior or on the exterior of campus facilities. Signage can only be posted on approved campus bulletin boards within each space.

Clients/users can only post event signage the day of their event within the KSC on easels or another provided sign holder. It is the responsibility of the client/user to set up and tear down all signs at the end of each day. Any signs left posted following any event will be disposed of by the KSC Facility Operations staff. Group is limited to a maximum of one (1) sign per floor within the KSC on the day of their event.

Clients/users who wish to promote their upcoming events can utilize Digital Advertising with KSCtv by clicking the following link.


Parking is available in the visitor parking lot adjacent to the Kent Student Center. Vehicle parking rates are available at or at the Kent Student Center parking lot entrance. For special arrangements, please contact UECS