Honors Program

The Honors Program at Kent State Tuscarawas offers academically talented students the opportunity to pursue an enriched educational experience, with all the benefits of the highly acclaimed Kent State University Honors Program.

The Honors College offers outstanding students a program of challenging courses and enriched educational experiences. It seeks to develop a broad understanding of the arts and sciences, a commitment to excellence in academic and creative endeavors, and a respect for cultural diversity. Work in Honors fosters the habits of inquiry, skills in learning, and strategies for reflection that are central to the mission of Kent State University.

In the words of a student...

"I believe Kent's Honors Program is one of the most amazing programs they offer. By being in the Honors Program, I was able to extend my learning beyond what the regular education major was learning. I got to take part in research projects that interested me and taught me about special education, gifted education and sign language. Having done these extra projects gave me an advantage when applying for a job. It made my resume stronger than the average education major. I believe this is one of the reasons I got so many interviews. I was then offered a job on the spot!" -Kara Brooks, 2014

Meet Honors Program Alumni

Benefits of membership:

An enhanced education
Challenge yourself in small classes with increased classroom participation and challenging projects! In our Honors classes, you'll find expert professors who are dedicated to developing your critical thinking skills and stimulating your intellectual curiosity. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in university-funded research in your area of interest.

Kent State Tuscarawas awards 15 Honors scholarships in the amount of $1500 each academic year. These scholarships are awarded to full-time Honors students and are renewable as long as academic standards continue to be met. Students who transition to the Kent Campus may compete for a variety of academic scholarships offered there.

As an Honors student, you'll work closely with your classmates and professors. You'll find lasting friendships and incredible networking opportunities. You'll learn not only from the faculty, but from the classroom dialog as well.

Unique educational opportunities
The Kent State University Honors Program offers opportunities for study abroad, special Honors housing and learning communities, generous scholarships and the chance to work closely with faculty to prepare a senior thesis - a great way to expand your resume while engaging in a rich learning experience.

Priority Registration
Honors Program students can register for classes each semester well before other students which allows for a more convenient schedule and the opportunity to schedule desired classes before they fill. 

Students who graduate from the Honors College have their achievement recognized at commencement and on their transcripts. The transcripts of Honors graduates will inform employers as well as graduate and professional schools of their accomplishment.


The curriculum of the Honors Program can be completed with any major. The flexibility of the program usually allows for students to complete their major and Honors requirements without taking extra classes. Honors courses are available throughout a student's undergraduate years and can be done with any major in the university. Honors Program freshmen are enrolled in the yearlong Freshman Honors Colloquium which takes the place of College Writing I and II.

Freshmen who join the Honors Program need to complete 24 hours of Honors coursework to graduate with honors distinction. Honors experiences can include designated Honors classes, individual Honors work, a senior Honors thesis, and study abroad opportunities. Students should complete one Honors experience each semester to remain in good standing with the program. The six-hour Senior Honors Thesis is in addition to the 24 hours of required Honors work.

Need more information?

Dr. Lovejoy Das, Honors Program Coordinator
330-339-3391 | ldas@kent.edu

Melissa Crites, Honors Program Advisor
330-308-7508 | macrites@kent.edu