Director's Message

Carla Goar


I am pleased to serve as the Director of the Anti-Racism and Equity Institute at Kent State University. This Institute was established in the spring of 2021 and is one of many programs that the university has set in place to challenge racial inequality and advance equity for all.

The AREI serves as an active, multi-disciplinary hub for scholars and activists who are engaged in work that is focused on solving problems of racial injustice. The Institute builds and strengthens the connections between AREI members who work in different departments, units, colleges, campuses, and communities. This propels the exchange of information and collaboration that can lead to accessible, evidence-based solutions to racial inequity challenges.

I welcome you to the Anti-Racism and Equity Institute and encourage you to visit our website frequently to learn more about our members’ scholarship and community engagement. Please join us as we work to disrupt racism and usher in a sustainable culture of fairness and opportunity for all.

Carla Goar, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology

Director, Anti-Racism and Equity Institute