The Cleveland Foot & Ankle Clinic has been diagnosing and treating the foot and ankle problems of Northeast Ohio patients since 1916.

For over 100 years, CFAC has been leading the area in podiatric innovation and patient care. Patients are treated by specialists in heel pain, diabetes, sports medicine, arthritis-related foot ailments, children's foot disorders, and many other specialties.


Our Services:

Arch Pain and Strain                        Calluses and Corns                       Shin Splints  

Heel Fissures                                      Metatarsalgia                                 Bunions

Arthritis                                               Diabetic Foot                                   Ingrown Toenails

Heel Spurs                                           Pediatric Foot Problems              Warts

Toenail Fungus                                  Athlete's Foot                                  Heel Pain

Foot and Ankle Fractures               Hammer Toes                                 Sports Injuries