Screen recording as a tool for process-oriented assessment of translation and writing

Presented by Erik Angelone


To date, the assessment of translations, as a form of writing, has primarily focused on examining products, such as end results and the draft iterations that precede them. Ultimately, metrics and approaches that are exclusively product-oriented only provide a snapshot of performance, resulting in a potentially shallow lens as far as assessment is concerned. Screen recording technology, a process-oriented correlate, holds tremendous potential as a means by which to document and assess the decision-making, information retrieval, and problem-solving that underlie translation and writing in a broader sense. Using process-oriented translation assessment as an illustrative example, this presentation will demonstrate how screen recording technology can be utilized to trace errors appearing in students’ work back to problem indicators that occur and are documented on-screen in their presence. From a pedagogical perspective, this process-oriented approach can shed valuable light on what may have triggered errors in the first place, thereby broadening the scope of parameters one can take into consideration when assessing student performance in a variety of writing tasks documented onscreen.