Alumni Spotlight

Matt WilsonWilsonMatt

What year (years) did you graduate and which program(s) did you complete?
I am a May 2004 graduate of the Sport Administration program receiving my master's of arts in Sport Administration.

What were some of your biggest challenges after graduating that shaped your career?
My biggest challenge upon graduation was to find the right career path to achieving my goal of working full-time for the Cleveland Browns. My passion was to get into sales and marketing for the Cleveland Browns, but I was content at the time to work for any NFL franchise or Division I Intercollegiate Athletics Department. After graduating from Kent State University, I was hired in May 2004 for a part-time seasonal summer position with the Browns in the Ticket Office as a Customer Service Representative to learn about the seat relocation program and provide customer service for season ticket holders.

After completing the seasonal position with the Browns, I was hired as a post-graduate intern in September 2004 by The University of Akron Athletics Department, with the primary responsibility of marketing and promotions for Football and Men's and Women's Basketball. At that time, I realized that this position was delaying my progress toward my goal of working full-time in sales for the Browns so I took a unique and different approach to reach this goal. I left the University of Akron Athletics Department in January 2005 when I was hired as an account executive for Clear Channel Radio, selling advertising for 100.7 FM WMMS, "The Flagship Home of the Cleveland Browns." I learned the applied sales skills I needed to achieve my goal over six wonderful years at Clear Channel, and I achieved my career goal when I was hired full-time by the Browns in March 2011 as a manager, Corporate Sales.

What has been your most significant professional accomplishment since graduating?
My most significant professional accomplishment was being hired by the Browns as a manager, Corporate Sales. My responsibilities are to create and develop corporate partnerships for the organization with creative marketing strategies that align with the corporate partner's goals and objectives. I could not be happier to have reached this accomplishment, and I now have a new goal to continue to grow in this position and advance my career within the Browns organization.

Are you currently employed, and if so, where?
Currently, I am currently employed as a manager, Corporate Sales for the Cleveland Browns.