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Mark Lyberger

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As an Ohio native I began my educational pursuits at Ohio University where I earned a B.S. in Health/Long Term Care Administration in 1985 and a M.A. from the University of Akron in 1989. In the course of my early tenure, I was actively involved as a consumer, coach, administrator, and participant in a variety of managerial and sport endeavors. These experiences help to solidify my chosen career pursuit of a Ph.D. in Sport Management/Marketing from the Ohio State University. I completed my degree in the spring of 1996 and in the subsequent fall joined the Kent State community. My recent research interests have focused on consumer consumption behavior, marketing, sponsorship, and leadership. In addition, I have worked collaboratively with a variety of community and business organizations to conduct market and facility usage/impact feasibility studies. Currently, I am working with colleagues to complete texts on event planning and promotion/public relations in sport as well as a variety studies related to consumption behavior and sport.


B.S., Health Care Administration, Ohio University, , M.S., Physical Education, University of Akron, and , Ph.D., Sport Administration, The Ohio State University


Consumer behavior, Marketing, Sponsorship, Leadership, Engagement, Event Planning, Market and facility usage/impact feasibility studies, Event planning and promotion/public relations in sport


  • Author of Sports Marketing: A Strategic Perspective (2015) 5th Edition, Taylor & Francis