Master's Degree

The Nutrition concentration emphasizes nutritional sciences and opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary research in laboratory and community settings. Graduates are prepared for positions as nutritionists in health care and community agencies such as:

  • Head Start and WIC
  • nutrition-exercise specialists
  • cooperative extension nutrition specialists
  • teachers in junior and four-year colleges
  • research associates

Non-RD's may be able to complete AND didactic course requirements to qualify as applicants of a dietetic internship.

Core Requirements:

Dept CRN Course Title Credit Hours
EVAL 65510 Statistics I Education Services 3
NUTR 61018 Techniques of Research 3
NUTR 63519 Advanced Study of Micronutrients 3
NUTR 63520 Macronutrient Nutrition 3
NUTR 63521 Nutrition and Disease: Clinical Applications 3


Thesis Option* OR Master's Project Option**

Dept CRN Course Title Credit Hours
NUTR 63199 Thesis I 6
NUTR 61198 Master's Project 6


Supporting Courses:

In consultation with advisor, select 11 hours from supporting courses, at least 6 of which are from the following graduate courses:

Dept CRN Course Title Credit Hours
NUTR 51093 Workshop in Nutrition 1-3
NUTR 51095 Special Topic 1-4
NUTR 51096 Individual Investigation in Nutrition 1-3
NUTR 53013 Research and Statistical Methods in Nutrition & Dietetics 3
NUTR 53016 World Food Customs 3
NUTR 53512 Macronutrient Nutritional Biochemistry I 3
NUTR 53513 Macronutrient Nutritional Biochemistry II 3
NUTR 53514 Medical Nutrition Therapy II 4
NUTR 53515 Community Nutrition 3
NUTR 53518 Lifecycle Nutrition 3
NUTR 53520 Sports Nutrition 3
NUTR 53532 Methods and Experiences in Nutrition Outreach 2-3
NUTR 63591 Nutrition Seminar 2-3
NUTR 63524 Perspectives on Prevention and Practice in Community Nutrition 3
HM 63024 Management of Food and Nutrition Services 3

The remaining 5 required hours may be selected from other graduate courses in Health Sciences or from other clearly related areas.

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*The thesis track is intended for research-oriented students and is designed to provide the opportunity to conduct original research. Approval of a thesis proposal by the student's thesis committee is required, as is the successful completion of an oral final examination conducted by the thesis committee.

**The master's project track is intended for students who do not plan to continue graduate work beyond the master's degree, and provides the opportunity to approach research and theory in a more applied manner. The presentation and interpretation of original research is not required. However, approval of the intended project by the student's master's project committee is required, as is the successful completion of an oral final examination conducted by the master's project committee.