Apple-authorized Campus Store Institutional Pricing Offer

Kent State University’s Flash Technology Center, in cooperation with Apple, is pleased to announce an Apple-authorized campus store institutional pricing offer.
Departments already receive low education pricing on Apple computers, but for this pricing offer, departments will receive an additional 4 percent off qualifying computers purchased through the Flash Technology Center.
Current Mac units (excluding Macbook, Mac Pro and iMac Pro) are eligible for the pricing offer. Eligible computers can be configured to meet your needs.
Departments can buy one or 100 qualifying computers. This is a great opportunity for departments that need to do a refresh and can take advantage of the extra 4 percent pricing offer.
The best way to order through the Flash Technology Center is to create a proposal at Apple® Store for Education Institution, and send the proposal and a completed IDC form to This is to ensure that you get exactly what you want; the Flash Technology Center will take it from there. Alternatively, you can stop in at the Flash Technology Center to get help with the order.   

Delivery or Pickup

Computers can be picked up at the store or drop-shipped directly to the department of choice. Just include your preference on the IDC form. Shipping is free!
Method of payment is IDC only.
This offer is valid from Feb. 1 through Sept. 30, 2018.
For more information, call Tom Parsons, computer sales manager, at 330-672-1588.

UPDATED: Sunday, March 03, 2024 01:51 AM