Important Information about Final Grading of Spring 2017 Second Five Weeks (F2) Classes

Online final grading for spring 2017 Second Five Weeks (F2: 2/20/2017–3/26/2017) begins Friday, March 24, via FlashFAST. Grading is also now available for any spring 2017 course section that was flexibly scheduled and has an end date no later than March 26. The deadline for grading submission is midnight on Tuesday, March 28. Any final grades for spring 2017 courses not reported in FlashFAST by the grades processing deadline will have to be submitted using the Grade Change Workflow. These spring 2017 courses will be available in the Workflow on Thursday, March 30.
New Blackboard Grading Process Available
If you use Blackboard, a new tool makes reporting your final grades easier — with a push of the button. The process is called Grade Push, and it will allow you to “push” the final grades recorded in Blackboard into our KSU Final Grade Roster, thus eliminating the time and effort spent manually entering them. Additional details will be provided at a later date.
If you have questions or concerns, please go to and search “Grade Push.”

Please Note: The Grade Push application has been developed as an option to assist in streamlining the university grading process. The use of this application is not mandatory, though it is encouraged.

Incomplete Mark and NF/SF Administrative Marks:
The administrative mark of IN (Incomplete) may be given to students who are unable to complete the work due to extenuating circumstances. To be eligible, undergraduate students must be currently earning a D or better grade and are unable to complete the required work between the course withdrawal deadline and the end of classes. Graduate students must be currently earning a C or better grade and are unable to complete the required work between the course withdrawal deadline and the end of classes. Instructors are required to complete and submit an Incomplete Mark Form to the department chair when an incomplete mark is assigned. Access the form from your Faculty Workflows in FlashLine.
The administrative mark SF (Stopped Attending – Fail) denotes that the student stopped attending the course and did not formally withdraw and must be accompanied by a date of last attendance in the course. If a student has stopped attending your course the SF can be entered on the Final Grade Roster along with the student’s last date of attendance.
The administrative mark NF (Never Attended – Fail) denotes that the student neither attended one class session nor formally withdrew from the course. If a student has never attended your course, the NF can be entered on the Academic Presence Verification Roster by marking the student as “Not Started.”
For complete information on university grading policies including Incomplete Mark and NF/SF grading policies, procedures and timelines, please visit the Grading Policies and Procedures section in the University Catalog.
Grades Processing Tips and FAQ may be found on the University Registrar's website. Any faculty members needing personalized instruction on submitting their grades via FlashFAST should contact their campus Registrar's Office during normal business hours for assistance.
Troubleshooting TIP: FlashFAST is accessible from any Internet-capable computer that has the cookies function enabled. We recommend that you clean out your cookie and cache files regularly to help your computer run faster, and to potentially restore and/or improve your access to FlashFAST and/or FlashLine by improving your connection to the server. Our Helpdesk is prepared to offer assistance with these issues. Please contact them at 330-672-HELP (4357) for one-on-one assistance and technical issues.

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