Join Kent State “On The Move”

Beginning April 4, Kent State University will participate in the On the Move Challenge, a new 12-week, national corporate competition. This competition is like no other, in that the points you earn as an individual will get your team (Kent State) one step closer to a designation as one of the most active employers in the country!

Each week, employees will have an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of physical activity, assess themselves and their progress, share successes and goals with other participants, boost peers for bonus points and — of course, move!

Kent State will compete with other employers in real time for a chance to be one of the top 100 most active workplaces in the country. We need Kent State faculty and staff to help make this a reality!

Haven’t Joined Yet? You Still Have Time. Here Is What You Need to Do And What to Expect In the Upcoming Weeks:

Go to link:, enter company code KentStateMoves, if requested. 

1.  The challenge officially begins on April 4.

2.  Each day, you can track your activity by answering a few simple questions about your movement or by syncing a wearable fitness device or pedometer.*

3.  Each week, you will have the opportunity to assess your progress, share your goals and support your co-workers in achieving the goals they have for themselves!

4.  Regardless of your fitness level, marathon runner to exercise beginner, this challenge is for you.

5.  Team Kent State points will be tallied each week, and we will be able to track how we are doing on the “real time” competition dashboard!

*Note:  A device is not required but you may link a device if you have one. This can be done at the time you set up your profile, if you so choose.

This exciting nationwide workplace fitness competition was designed by WELCOA, the nation’s premier resource for workplace wellness, to be the first of its kind to get people moving, having fun and feeling their best.

“We are thrilled to bring the On the Move Challenge to Kent State University faculty and staff," says Kim Hauge, manager of University Wellness and Healthy Campus Promotions at Kent State. “To be able to deliver such a workplace tool that meets the individual where they're at, focuses on multiple facets of health and fitness, and allows the university to engage every faculty and staff member throughout our Kent State community, is critical to building and maintaining a healthy and supportive culture of wellness.” 

This challenge is open to every full- and part-time Kent State faculty and staff member on all campuses. As an added bonus, the Division of Human Resources will give away “Blue and Gold is On the Move” T-shirts for the first 500 faculty and staff members who sign up between by March 30. Do not miss this opportunity to wear your blue and gold with pride and show you are on the move! You can use #HealthyKSU on social media to show some of your moves.

For additional information on how this challenge works, the Division of Human Resources has set up an internal Web page with a brief video and resources at For questions, contact Hauge at 330-672-7505 or email

Let’s get on the move together! Go Kent State!

POSTED: Thursday, March 24, 2016 03:19 PM
UPDATED: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 10:22 PM