Kent State’s Student Diversity Action Council Advocates for Inclusion on Campus

Diversity really matters to students at Kent State University, and those issues and accolades have a new administrative channel in the Student Diversity Action Council, a branch of the University Diversity Action Council that seeks to be a voice and an advocate for the student body.

Alyx Weaver, current chair of the Student Diversity Action Council and a doctoral neuroscience student at Kent State, is looking to spread the message of diversity and inclusion.

Kent State University students enjoy time together at Kent State's annual DiversiFEST event, which celebrates culture and diversity.

“We are here to support and enhance diversity, and make sure the administration is hearing from the diverse students we have on campus,” Ms. Weaver says. “Although student government relays a lot between the student body and the people in administration, we are here as an advocate group.”

The Student Diversity Action Council wants students to feel like they can be a resource to promote action on campus.

“We are here strictly to deal with the emotional concerns of people from different backgrounds on campus and make sure administration is aware of certain issues, and get the ball rolling on action for those issues,” Ms. Weaver says.

The organization is involved with a list of different activities to help foster a community of diversity on campus. The student branch is funded by Kent State’s Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

“We advocate for students on campus and regularly contact student organization leaders to collaborate on events and talks,” Ms. Weaver says. “We also have people who relay information to and from student government in the graduate and undergraduate levels.”

The Student Diversity Action Council creates events to talk about diversity on campus and creates events to help students understand each other.

“We put together events related to civil discourse and making sure that students are able to understand each other and meet somewhere on common ground,” Ms. Weaver says.

Ms. Weaver stressed that the Student Diversity Action Council is a great organization for students to be a part of because the experience they gain can help them grow as individuals on campus. She adds that it is a great thing for them to have on their résumé.”

“It is a branch of administration, so it is experience in administration,” Ms. Weaver says. “It is very rewarding when you actually get to see things come to fruition, and it is a great experience to learn about diversity on campus.”

“I have had the pleasure to watch Alyx champion student diversity matters here on campus in a most positive and civil way,” says Sonya Williams, project director for the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and advisor for the Student Diversity Action Council. “She is passionate about real-world issues that affect our students here at Kent State. As a doctoral student, we find it remarkable that ensuring diversity for all students has remained a source of student pride for Alyx. She embodies the Kent State spirit that warms our hearts!”

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POSTED: Thursday, July 12, 2018 01:38 PM
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Audra Gormley