Kent State Introduces Cooperative Education Program Systemwide for All Students

Kent State University is introducing a Cooperative Education program for students of all majors at all Kent State campuses.

Cooperative Education (co-op) is an academic-focused program that allows students to obtain professional work experience while still in college. It is a unique opportunity for students to apply their academic preparation to real-world settings and situations. Co-op programs provide students the opportunity to combine classroom study with periods of paid, full-time professional employment directly related to their major and career goals. The Cooperative Education program at Kent State is truly innovative and is available to undergraduate students across all majors. 

A co-op provides students the unique freedom to maintain full-time student status with the ability to access university services and resources, such as housing, library, recreational services, etc., as well as eligibility for loan deferment and medical insurance. While working, students can focus entirely on the co-op experience without worrying about other classes or changes to their student status. The fee for the co-op program is $500, and students receive notation on their official university transcript for each completed co-op experience. 

“The program is a win-win-win for our students, employers and the community,” says Keith Smith, coordinator of the co-op program at Kent State. “Co-ops are increasingly becoming a critical aspect of a college education, creating a bridge between the classroom and the workplace. Students gain valuable knowledge, skills and work experience, and employers offering co-ops bring in new ideas to the organization and create a pipeline for talented emerging leaders. The community retains recent graduates to stimulate the area economy based on the high percentage of employment offers that students receive after their co-op experience and graduation.” 

For more information about the Cooperative Education program and how to connect your students with interested employers, visit or contact Smith at 330-672-0983 or

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