Women’s Center Holds Third Annual Sage Project to Recognize Female Students Who Have Charted Their Own Path at Kent State

When one first steps onto a Kent State University campus, the possibilities are endless: choosing which classes to take, picking a major, joining a student organization, building lifelong friendships. For many female-identifying students, there are hurdles to overcome and challenges to face. The Women’s Center at Kent State is often a place where students find support and encouragement in making ends meet or living their dream. Faculty and staff hear stories of students who have overcome adversity, stepped out of their comfort zone and found balance in a life of ups and downs. 

Three years ago, the Sage Project was created through the Women’s Center to begin sharing these stories with the community with a mission to inspire others and showcase stories of strength, courage and perseverance. On Friday, March 17, the Women’s Center will hold its third annual recognition reception to honor 11 women who have overcome barriers and found balance in following their path to make their mark at Kent State. 

The Sage Project is named for the reference to wisdom, renewal, harmony and growth. Also, the herb sage is used for healing and to help bring life back into balance and cleanse the body and the mind of negativity. That same founding name has carried over the last few years, creating an even stronger class with impactful and empowering stories that hold true to the meaning of sage. In this spirit, the Women’s Center will once again use the Sage Project to highlight students who have found balance, growth and renewal through their collegiate path and who inspire this in others.

This year 11 female students were selected to be honored and featured over the next year. Honorees this year are:

  • Alejandra Fishman, junior, fashion merchandising major 

  • Kilah John, sophomore, nursing major 

  • Jaynell Nicholson, senior, environmental conservation biology 

  • Tracey Montgomery, graduate student in higher education and student personnel

  • Tawana Golden, junior, entrepreneurship major

  • Zhamilya Suieubayeva, senior, architecture major

  • Danielle Martin-Jensen, graduate student in translation with a concentration in Russian

  • Iniah Dunbar, junior, sociology major with a concentration in social inequalities

  • Alicia Long, junior, art education major

  • Sarah Delury, graduate student in rhetoric and composition

  • Rashedda Brannon, sophomore, integrative studies major

Their stories are featured on display boards that will travel around Kent State and will be highlighted on the Women’s Center website

An intimate reception will be held for the honorees on March 17.  Eboni Pringle, dean of University College, will be the keynote speaker.

Anyone can reserve the storyboards to be displayed around campus. To reserve them, please contact the Women’s Center at 330-672-9230.

POSTED: Wednesday, March 8, 2017 04:25 PM
Updated: Saturday, December 3, 2022 01:02 AM