Ad-Hoc Committees and Assignments

The Director may establish, charge, and appoint the membership of ad-hoc committees and other necessary assignments as required for the operations of the School.  In establishing ad-hoc committees, naming members, and designating a committee Chair, the Director shall consult with the FAC.  The Director will welcome requests and preferences from the faculty before establishing and making appointments to ad-hoc committees and assignments.

The following are examples of the School’s various Ad-Hoc Committees and Assignments.  This list is illustrative and not considered all inclusive.

  • FDM Scholarship Committee
  • Faculty and Staff Recognition and Awards Committee
  • FDM BFA Committee
  • FDM Research Culture Fund Committee
  • FDM Destination Kent State/FYE Course/Advising
  • FDM Development/Advancement
  • Library Liaison
  • Fashion Student Organization (FSO) Advisor
  • Modista Student Organization Advisor