Associate Director

The Associate Director is an administrative assignment of workload and is appointed by the Director after consultation with the FAC. The appointment is for a three (3) year term and is renewable.  The Director will establish the 3-year rotation schedule, and will announce to the faculty when the 3-year term will expire.  The Associate Director is reviewed annually by the Director, and may be released from the role at his/her sole discretion.

The Associate Director’s duties and responsibilities shall include but are not limited to the following:

a.    Serving as chief administrative officer of the School in the absence of the Director.

b.    Working with the Director and School faculty to facilitate and determine optimized operational procedures for all Study Away Programs.

c.    Providing leadership and support for the department accreditation and assessment reporting requirements.

d.    Maintaining and updating the departmental Faculty Handbook, as appropriate.

e.    Serving as direct support for the Industry Liaison / Industry Management position.

f.    Recruitment planning for all Study Away Programs in consultation with all Study Away program leaders.

g.    Scheduling Study Away classes as requested by the School Curriculum Committee.

h.    Assist in securing and hiring approved part-time faculty for all Study Away programs and in consultation with the Director, School Curriculum Committee, and FAC.

i.    Facilitating the completion of necessary forms, processes, and record-keeping including: Office of Global Education, Deposit Agreements, Student Visas, and KSUF forms.

j.    Budget development, presentation, and approval for the Study Away Programs, not including the NYC Studio.

k.    Facilitating and coordinating the upkeep and maintenance of the Studio and Lab spaces and equipment.

l.    Facilitating the “team leader” coordination each semester for courses with multiple sections.

m.    Performing other tasks and duties as assigned or delegated by the Director, including knowing and following all KSU procedures in all areas of operation.