Director, School of Fashion Design and Merchandising

The Director, School of Fashion Design and Merchandising (hereinafter “Director”) is the chief administrative officer of the School, is accountable to and reports directly to the Dean of the College (hereinafter “Dean”).  The Director is responsible for recording, maintaining, and implementing the policies and procedures stated in this Handbook through regular and thorough consultation with the School faculty and the School’s various committees.

The Director's duties and responsibilities shall include but are not limited to the following:

a.    Developing, coordinating, planning, and providing leadership for all academic programs and professional activities housed in the School in a manner which is consistent with the mission of the University, the College, and the School and is mindful of the quality and breadth of programs supported by the University, the College and the School.

b.    Ensuring School compliance with University, Administrative and Operational Policies, rules, regulations and any applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.

c.    Developing and carrying out administrative and educational policies in the School, with appropriate consultation.

d.    Managing personnel administration and appropriate professional development for the School, including the hiring or severance of all faculty and staff and all personnel actions related to the reappointment, tenure, and promotion of faculty in the School in consultation with the Faculty Advisory Committee (hereinafter “FAC”).

e.    Administering the School budget by allocating funds to the academic programs in the School and monitoring and reviewing the expenditures of these funds.

f.    Assigning workload to faculty members, with appropriate consultation.

g.    Identifying the resource needs of the School and recommending priorities for addressing these needs to the Dean of the College.

h.    Overseeing the development of teaching and classroom schedules and an enrollment plan for the School and advising the Dean on all issues related to the recruitment, academic advising, attribution, and retention of qualified and able students in the School.

i.    Consulting and responding to the recommendations of the FAC on matters central to the mission of the School and those specified by the University Policy Register and Collective Bargaining Agreement.

j.    Scheduling regular FAC and full-faculty meetings.

k.    Making recommendations on Graduate Faculty status.

l.    Representing the School and, when requested and deemed appropriate by the Dean and/or Provost, serving as official spokesperson for the School with other universities, academic/professional agencies, and honorary and accrediting bodies.

m.    Providing leadership for and commitment to affirmative action and promoting diversity in the School.

n.    Working with the Chair of the School’s external Advisory Board to direct their activities, convey their insight and implement initiatives.

o.    Developing and maintaining contacts and relationships with professional organizations and leaders in the profession.

p.    Engaging, when appropriate, in external fundraising activities in support of the University, the College and the School.

q.    Accepting ad hoc assignments related to School, College, and University matters as deemed appropriate by the Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs.

r.    Preparing Annual Mission Report and other University and College generated reports.

s.    Serving as building curator of Rockwell Hall.

t.    Responding to student academic complaints.

u.    Performing other tasks and duties as assigned, all of which cannot be cataloged and may include but not be limited to following:  the progress of graduates, maintaining relationships with Regional Campuses, providing orientation to new faculty, developing brochures of course syllabi, etc.

The Director is an ex officio, non-voting member of all School committees, and may make appointments as necessary and permitted to School committees and to the various administrative and service positions in the School. The selection, review, and reappointment of the Director are the responsibility of the Dean, who consults with the School faculty on such matters. Procedures for the selection, review, and reappointment of the Director are included in the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement.