Faculty Workload

All full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty of the School are expected to carry a maximum workload of twenty-four (24) credit hours per regular academic year.  Full-time non-tenure track faculty members are expected to carry a maximum workload of thirty (30) credit hours per regular academic year.  (See, University Policy Register 3342-6-18).  Workload assignment typically include a combination of teaching, research and service assignments, which are determined in conjunction with the school Director based on outcomes from review of the Annual Faculty Activity Report, which must be submitted by all tenured faculty prior to the end of each spring semester of the academic year.  In the interest of maintaining a high standard of teaching and the desirability of faculty involvement in research and service activities, overload assignments are strongly discouraged.  Overload assignments (i.e. workload assignments which total more than twenty-four (24) credit hours per academic year for tenured and tenure-track faculty and which total more than thirty (30) credit hours for full-time non-tenure-track faculty) will be made only in unusual circumstances.  Such assignments require the agreement of the faculty member, and the approval of the Director and the Dean.

Workload assignments related to teaching will be conducted as follows in the Fashion School: for FDM-Core combined lecture and lab courses, faculty assigned to teach both the lecture and a lab section will be assigned 4 workload hours.  These courses include Fashion Visuals (FDM 10023/10024), Fashion Fabrics (FDM 10033/10034), and Introduction to Fashion Technology (FDM 10053/10054).  For all other FDM courses, faculty will be assigned one workload hour for each 1 credit hour of coursework; i.e., a 3-credit course is equivalent to 3 workload hours. 

Teaching assignments will be determined by the Director, with the assistance of the Undergraduate Program Coordinator with the understanding that not all faculty members contribute to the School in the same manner.  A faculty member whose primary responsibilities are undergraduate teaching and undergraduate programs may teach and serve in a greater diversity of courses than a faculty member who is also a member of the graduate faculty.  Most of the School’s full-time faculty members will be either a full or associate member of the graduate faculty.  All tenure track faculty members are expected to be involved in significant research and/or creative activity, serve on graduate student committees, and direct graduate student research.  Workload balance will be determined based on these respective roles, and modified, if needed, to respond to past performance or projected need.