Florence Program On-Site Coordinator

The Florence Program On-Site Coordinator (hereinafter “KSUF Coordinator”) is an administrative assignment that is assigned to a local part-time member teaching for the School at the Kent State University Florence (KSUF) Campus on an “as needed basis.”  The role is appointed by the Director after consultation with the FAC.  The appointment is for a three (3) year term and is renewable. The KSUF Coordinator is reviewed annually by the Director, and may be terminated in consultation with KSUF Director.  

The KSUF Coordinator’s duties and responsibilities shall include but are not limited to the following:

a.    Planning and coordinating KSUF Fashion programs, in consultation with The Director and KSUF Director.

b.    Assist in securing and hiring approved part-time faculty for the KSUF campus in consultation with the Director, School Curriculum Committee and FAC.

c.    Assisting the Associate Director in preparing the schedule of fashion design and merchandising courses to be offered at the Kent State University Florence Campus.

d.    Providing School and industry-specific academic support for students attending the KSUF campus.

e.    Developing and maintaining a sense of the overall curriculum in the School as a means to support student inquiries and concerns specific to the KSUF experience.

f.    Supporting communications and understanding of the textiles and fashion knowledge as a means to connect School students to the Italian fashion industries.

g.    Maintaining open communication with the School’s Faculty to facilitate similar academic equality and content between the Kent and KSUF facilities.

h.    Serving as a facilitator, as needed, to connect KSUF part-time faculty with students.

i.    Performing other duties and tasks as assigned or delegated by the Director or FSUF Director, including knowing and following all KSU procedures in all areas of operation.