Graduate Studies Coordinator

The Graduate Studies Coordinator is an administrative assignment of workload and is appointed by the Director after consultation with the FAC and/or the Graduate Studies Committee (hereinafter “GSC”) and the Graduate Faculty.  The appointment is for a three (3) year term and is renewable.  The Director will establish the 3-year rotation schedule, and will announce to the faculty when the 3-year term will expire.  The Graduate Coordinator must be a full member of the Graduate Faculty holding the rank of Associate Professor or Professor. The Graduate Studies Coordinator is reviewed annually by the Director, and may be terminated at his/her sole discretion.  

The Graduate Studies Coordinator’s duties and responsibilities shall include but are not limited to the following:

a.    Overseeing the development of the School’s graduate program(s).

b.    Overseeing and coordinating admissions into the School’s graduate program(s).

c.    Recommending to the Director, with the advice of the GSC, the awarding of graduate assistantships and teaching fellowships.

d.    Serving as School liaison to the College Graduate Coordinating Council, the Division of Research and Graduate Studies, and working in conjunction with the College Dean in charge of Graduate Affairs.

e.    Overseeing performance evaluations of graduate assistants assigned to teaching and research appointments.

f.    Implementing the current policies of the School's graduate program(s) and the current policies of the College.

g.    Maintaining and processing graduate student records and informing students of their standing and progress toward degrees.

h.    Initiating and coordinating changes and improvements in graduate curricula, requirements, and program(s). i.    Serving as the chair of the departmental Curriculum Committee in alternate years.

j.    Chairing meetings of the Graduate Faculty.

k.    Serving as advisor for the School's Graduate Student Council.

l.    Approving individual investigations and special topics courses at the graduate level.

m.    Performing other duties and tasks as assigned or delegated by the Director, including knowing and following all KSU procedures in all areas of operation.