New York City Studio Director

The NYC Studio Director (hereinafter “NYC Director”) is the onsite manager and principal administrator for the School’s New York City Studio, while adhering to the policies and procedures of Kent State University. The NYC Director reports directly to and is accountable to the Director, School of Fashion Design and Merchandising.  The NYC Director is appointed by the Director and is considered a full-time administrative position, reviewed annually by the Director.

The NYC Director’s duties and responsibilities shall include but are not limited to the following:

a.    Directing the administrative, instructional, operational, and technological aspects of the New York City Studio as an academic study away program/facility to support the Fashion Design and Merchandising curricula as well as academic outreach programs.   

b.    Managing the NYC Studio facility; making arrangements for cleanliness of space, security of classroom space, and renewal of lease preparation in conjunction with the Director.

c.    Managing the NYC Studio budget, in conjunction with the Director of the Fashion School, by providing accurate monthly spreadsheet reports to the Director, accurate and timely execution of paperwork for part-time faculty and staff hires, and managing approved expenditure of funds to operate the NYC Studio.

d.    Coordinate and implement recruitment, marketing, and development activities for the NYC Studio to meet target goals for Spring, Fall, and Summer academic sessions.

e.    Assist in securing and hiring approved part-time faculty for the NYC Studio in consultation with the Director, School Curriculum Committee and FAC.

f.    Reviewing NYC Studio part-time faculty performance in the classroom.

g.    Working with the Director and the Undergraduate Studies Coordinator to schedule and cancel classes based upon student demand and other issues identified for the NYC Studio.

h.    Overseeing the hiring and evaluation of staff assigned to the NYC Studio.

i.    Facilitating the completion of necessary forms, processes, and record-keeping including: Office of Global Education Applications, Deposit Agreements, Student Visas, and forms.

j.    Planning campus visitation programs to Kent and non-KSU campuses for recruitment and facilitation of students in NYC Studio and other Study Away Programs.  Communicating and coordinating with other Study Away program leaders.

k.    Overseeing the designing and maintenance of the NYC Studio website, as part of the School website.

l.    Increasing the network for placement of students in jobs and internships within the industry.

m.    Assisting faculty to recruit industry professionals as guest speakers and part-time instructors.

n.    Engaging in fund-raising activities for the NYC Studio through interaction among students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals in New York, and coordinating these efforts in conjunction with the Director of Advancement and the College of the Arts office.

o.    Developing and planning revenue-driven programming for the regular academic year, summer, and intersession.

p.    Hosting a range of events in the NYC Studio to support the goals and mission of the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising.

q.    Performing other tasks and duties related to the NYC Studio as assigned by the Director, including knowing and following all KSU procedures in all areas of operation.