Promotion to Associate Professor

On the Kent campus, promotion to Associate Professor is recognition of a candidate for having established a career which has a research focus promising sustained development and which has begun to achieve national and/or international distinction deserving of an “excellent” or “very good” rating.  We recognize that not all TT faculty members will engage in every research activity, but distinction in scholarship will be evidenced by publications in refereed journals or with recognized presses; by exhibitions in prominent institutions, in distinguished company, or by selection of noteworthy individuals; by theses and projects directed; grants received; and/or by election to office in the relevant disciplinary/professional organization(s), and/or by appointment to boards or jury panels at the regional, national or international level as well as teaching evaluations and service to the University.

Promotion is recognition based on a candidate’s accomplishments completed during the review period. For promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor, the faculty member must meet the criteria for an “excellent” rating in either “teaching” or “scholarship” with at least a “very good” rating in the other category. “Service” must at least meet the School expectation.