Workload Equivalents

Beyond teaching workload assignments, all full-time faculty members have the opportunity to be assigned responsibilities within the department that will serve as workload equivalents.  Workload equivalents may be, but are not limited to activities such as, administrative activities, being a program coordinator, individual research/grant activities that contribute to the mission of the unit, special departmental assignments considered essential to the academic mission of the School, or committee work that extends beyond the normal faculty expectation.  Activities associated with assigned workload equivalencies should be reported with outcomes in the Annual Faculty Activity Report and will be reviewed annually by the Director, in consultation with the faculty member.  Continuation of workload equivalent opportunities and responsibilities will be dependent upon the success of the outcomes.  Faculty members may, in consultation with the Director, choose to forego a workload equivalent, and be assigned only teaching workload hours.

The FAC shall advise the Director on issues related to teaching assignments, class schedules and the appropriate application of workload equivalencies.  The Director shall provide each faculty member with a statement of his/her workload prior to the start of each academic semester.