Basic Course Director

The FAC recommends to the School Director a Basic Course Director (BCD). The BCD (COMM 15000) coordinates the construction and dissemination of syllabi, assignments, forms, guidelines, and additional materials to instructors on all campuses in accordance with the course standards established by Communication Studies Undergraduate Committee and approved by the University’s Curriculum Committee. The BCD prioritizes the standardization of the course across all sections of the course taught either by Faculty or Teaching Assistants at all campuses. The BCD develops and disseminates “The Common Syllabus” to all faculty and teaching assistants on all Kent State campuses to insure qualification for and/or inclusion in The Ohio Board of Regents Transfer Module and Kent State University’s Liberal Education Requirements. In consultation with the faculty and School Director, as appropriate, the BCD’s duties include, but are not limited to:


 a.     Serve as Lecturer for the Lecture/Lab sections

 b.     Developing and assessing appropriate uses of technology

 c.     Developing expectations for the Assistant Basic Course Director

 d.     Recommending a Teaching Assistant to serve as the Assistant Director

 e.     Meeting regularly with and providing instructions for the Assistant Director

 f.      Developing expectations for Teaching Assistants

               i.   Recommending Teaching Assistants to teach the basic course

                ii.  Coordinating the efforts of the Teaching Assistants via regular meetings and contact

g.    Selecting textbook(s) and ancillary materials for the course

h.    Creating examinations and scoring criteria for the Lecture/Lab sections

i.     Facilitating regular training activities for Faculty and Teaching Assistants

j.     Conferring with basic course students who require assistance or intervention beyond the Faculty or Teaching Assistants’ abilities or responsibilities

k.    Exercising efforts relevant to maintaining or increasing student registration in the course

l.     Serving as a liaison to other departments on campus by advising them of the importance of the basic course to their students and by consulting with them on ways to adapt the basic course to better serve their students.


The BCD will strive to maintain the intellectual standards and positive profile of the Basic Communication Course. The course director will communicate regularly with the Undergraduate Coordinator for the purpose of insuring fulfillment of the responsibilities and duties mentioned herein.