Curricular Policies and Procedures

1.  Degree programs, including course development and program review, are the responsibility of the faculty of the School of Communication Studies. Proposals for curricular changes, including new or revised courses, must receive approval of the Undergraduate Studies Committee or Graduate Studies Committee, which, in turn, recommends these to the School Director for approval and transmittal to the College Curriculum Committee.

2.  The assignment of student grades is the responsibility of the class instructor of record, who submits final grades, and mid-term grades when appropriate, for forwarding to the University Registrar.

3.  Course final examinations, when given, are to be administered at the time and date specified in the University Schedule of Final Examinations, unless prior approval of the School Director and/or College Dean is obtained for giving the examination at another time. Whether or not final examinations are administered, the designated final examination week will be treated as a part of the semester.

4.  It is the policy of the School of Communication Studies not to award credit by examination for courses offered by Kent State University. However, CLEP and similarly earned credits may be recognized in evaluating credits submitted in transfer from another accredited college or university.