Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC)

In keeping with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and to ensure the participation of the faculty in School affairs, there shall be a Faculty Advisory Committee. The FAC shall be a committee representative of the full-time Faculty as a whole. The FAC will be composed of at least the following minimal representation elected by the tenure-track faculty as a whole:

  1. At least one full professor, one associate professor, and one assistant professor from the  tenure-track Kent campus School of Communication Studies faculty;
  2. One representative elected by and from the Communication Studies full-time, tenure-track, Regional Campus faculty;
  3. One additional tenured faculty Kent campus School of Communication Studies faculty;
  4. One representative from the Communication Studies Non-tenure track Kent campus School of Communication Studies faculty, if available; and
  5. The School Director, who shall be an ex-officio non-voting member. The Director shall serve as Chairperson. If there is no faculty member in one of the above ranks available to serve, the FAC may, at its discretion, recommend to the School Director, a faculty member from the tenure-track Kent campus School of Communication Studies faculty of any rank to serve on the Committee. At its discretion, the FAC may meet as a Committee of the whole faculty. 

The FAC shall be an advisory and recommendatory body to the School Director on academic matters of policy and procedure in the School of Communication Studies. The FAC shall participate in such matters as are specified in the Handbook and in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, including, but not limited to, decisions about research leaves, appointment and non-appointment of faculty, tenure and promotion, budgetary priorities, and selection and structure of committees. Only tenured faculty may participate in tenure and promotion recommendations.

The Faculty Advisory Committee should meet on a regular basis. Upon the recommendation of the FAC, the School Director shall convene a general meeting of the entire instructional staff, including graduate appointees and temporary and part- time teaching staff. Upon petition of thirty percent (30%) of the FAC, the Director shall convene a special meeting of the FAC or of the general faculty.

Quorum of the FAC shall be four members. In the event the FAC, at its discretion, meets as a Committee of the whole faculty, then one-half plus one of the regular full-time, tenure-track Kent Campus faculty shall constitute a quorum at all faculty meetings in which the FAC meets as a Committee of the whole faculty.

Only full-time faculty may vote at FAC or general faculty meetings.

A representative to the College Advisory Committee and a representative to the College Curriculum Committee (who is the Undergraduate Coordinator) shall be elected from and by the School FAC. The elections normally take place by the end of the spring semester for a term to begin with the ensuing fall semester.