Faculty and Staff Additions and Replacements

a. Before making recommendations for faculty and staff replacements and additions, the Director will consult with the faculty and with the Dean to address the needs of the School.

b. The need for new and replacement positions shall be determined by the School Director, in consultation with the FAC, and reported by the Director to the faculty of the School.

c. The School's FAC will vote to recommend search committee members and a search committee chair to the Director.

d. After all applicants for positions have been screened by the search committee, final candidates shall be made available for interview by any interested regular faculty member of the School, who may make recommendations to the search committee.

e. The search committee recommends candidates for employment to the FAC, and the FAC forwards its recommendation to the Director.

f. Regular School faculty shall have the opportunity to provide input to the search committee, FAC, and Director on the recommendation of any candidate for appointment.

g. The School Director or his/her designee, in consultation with the FAC, participates in the recruitment of and makes recommendations for the appointment of Regional Campus faculty.