Faculty Grievance and Appeals

Kent State University maintains a formal Grievance and Appeals Procedure created by the Collective Bargaining Agreement by and between Kent State University and the Kent State Chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

The Faculty and the Director of the School of Communication Studies desire to maintain and encourage open communication to the extent that resorting to formal grievance procedures normally will not be necessary. To this end, the following two-step procedure is suggested for the internal adjudication of any faculty grievance. (In this regard, we note the following from the University Grievance and Appeals Procedure: "Any settlement, withdrawal, or other disposition of a grievance at the informal stage shall not constitute a binding precedent in the settlement of similar complaints.")

          Step 1: The faculty member having a grievance should meet with the School Director and a reasonable effort should be made to adjust the grievance.

           Step 2: If, after consultation with the Director, the matter remains unresolved, the faculty member may elect to bring the grievance before the Faculty Advisory Committee, which shall make an advisory recommendation to the School Director.


Should the grievance still remain unresolved, procedures in the Collective Bargaining Agreement shall then be followed.