Faculty Workload

Pursuant to the University Register, "All regular, full-time faculty are expected to work full-time for the University. This does not mean that each contributes in the same way. Some professors are employed by mutual agreement between themselves and their departments solely for undergraduate teaching. For these persons the teaching load and other assigned duties shall be twenty-four credit hours per academic year. Some professors are employed for a mixture of undergraduate teaching, graduate teaching, and the public research that is an inherent part of graduate education. Their teaching load shall be the equivalent of twenty-four credit hours of teaching and shall include formal class teaching and appropriate teaching credit for advising of individual investigations, seminars, research, theses, and dissertations." 

  1. Consistent with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, "Before the conclusion of each academic year, each continuing Tenured faculty member is to prepare and submit an annual workload summary report" updating the faculty member's accomplishments during that academic year. This "shall be in the form of an annual updated curriculum vitae and the course syllabi for each . . . course taught. . . . The chair shall add to the report copies of the summaries of course evaluations . . ." .  These must be completed using the University’s electronic Faculty Information System.
  2. Policies for summer workload are as specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  3. Policies and procedures for outside employment and additional compensation are as specified in the University Register.