Graduate Studies Committee (GSC)

The Graduate Studies Committee assists the Graduate Coordinator with administration of the graduate programs. In consultation with School Graduate faculty and the Director, as appropriate, the GSC makes recommendations on graduate admissions, graduate appointments, course scheduling, graduate curriculum development, graduate student program reviews, graduate student progress and performance, graduate student honors and awards, and school and university policies that impact the graduate programs. The GSC also conducts periodic graduate program reviews in accordance with university policy.

The GSC shall be composed of the Graduate Coordinator, who will serve as chairperson, at least two School graduate faculty members, and one graduate student in the School. The School's graduate faculty elects and recommends to the School Director a minimum of two graduate faculty members, who serve staggered 2-year terms. The Communication Graduate Student Association elects and recommends to the School Director the graduate student member, who serves a 1-year term. All elections normally take place by the end of the spring semester for a term to begin with the ensuing fall semester. As specified in the Policy on Role and Status of Graduate Student Appointees document, the graduate student member shall participate in and vote on policy recommendations, but shall be excluded from all personnel matters. At its discretion, the GSC may meet as a Graduate Studies Committee of the whole graduate faculty for any graduate matters.

Graduate faculty members of the GSC also serve as the Graduate Faculty Committee (GFC) to review and recommend criteria for graduate faculty membership in the School and to review and recommend graduate faculty membership and status. The Graduate Coordinator chairs the GFC.