Objectives and Programs

The objectives of the School of Communication Studies are:

      1.  To develop in students knowledge and research skills in communication that will enable them to function effectively in interpersonal, group, organizational, and societal settings;  and

      2.  To broaden and deepen the students' understanding of communication as it operates in society.


To accomplish these objectives, the School offers B.A., and M.A. degree programs and a Ph.D.  program through the College of Communication and Information (CCI), and conducts research.

     1.  The B.A. degree focuses on the study and practice of communication in various contexts.  Students study human communication processes including verbal and nonverbal codes; interpersonal, group, and organizational interaction; and argumentation and persuasion. The curriculum provides humanistic and social scientific orientations for those seeking to participate in communication-related professions in business, the media, government, law, sales, and the like, or to pursue graduate education.

     2.  The M.A. degree provides a broad spectrum of knowledge about human communication. It is intended for those who wish to continue graduate study in communication beyond the bachelor’s level, to teach at the secondary, community college, or small college level, to continue preparation for professional careers, or to prepare for nonacademic careers in which a broad understanding of communication theory and research is desirable.

     3.  The Ph.D. (CCI) is a research degree designed to prepare the recipient for a lifetime of research and teaching as a college or university professor, scholar, or communication specialist. The degree requires both comprehensive knowledge and methodological skills needed for generating knowledge and understanding of human communication processes.