1.  Student Academic Responsibilities

     a.  Regular class attendance is expected of all students. In cases when absence is unavoidable, student responsibilities are specified in the University Register.

     b.  All students are expected to perform their own academic work. Policies and procedures regarding suspected cases of cheating or plagiarism are as specified in the University Register.

     c.  All instructors are encouraged to take stern and severe actions against instances of cheating, plagiarism, and forgery, and to treat more lenient action by the instructor as exceptions only according to individual cases. 


2. Student Representation

     a.  As specified elsewhere in the Handbook, undergraduate students shall be represented on the Undergraduate Studies Committee and on the Student Grievance Committee. Graduate students shall be represented on the Graduate Studies Committee and the Student Grievance Committee.

     b.  The FAC shall determine the nature and extent of graduate and undergraduate student representation on other committees within the School.