Undergraduate Coordinator

The FAC elects and recommends to the Director a regular, full-time, faculty member in the School of Communication Studies to serve as Undergraduate Coordinator for a renewable 2-year term. The election normally takes place by the end of the spring semester for a term to begin with the ensuing fall semester.

The Undergraduate Coordinator supervises operation and development of the School's undergraduate programs. In consultation with the Undergraduate Studies Committee, the faculty, and the Director, as appropriate, the Undergraduate Coordinator's duties include, but are not limited to:


  1. a.   Evaluating students’ eligibility for admission into the School's undergraduate programs
  2. Counseling transfer students and new undergraduate majors
  3. Administering undergraduate program policies and curriculum revision and development
  4. Serving as a liaison to the CCI advising staff
  5. Scheduling undergraduate classes and recommending undergraduate teaching assignments
  6. Supervising undergraduate student recruitment
  7. Chairing meetings of the Undergraduate Studies Committee
  8. Monitoring undergraduate student registration and academic progress
  9. Recommending undergraduate students for university, college, school, or professional awards
  10. Responding to student petitions and requests for program changes
  11. Updating undergraduate program catalog copy
  12. Maintaining supervisory responsibility for the LER, diversity, and writing intensive courses
  13. Serving as the School representative to the College Curriculum Committee