Application Process

4.1 The applicant for a Professional Improvement Leave should submit the following materials to the Dean of University Libraries by the date specified by the Provost's Office (usually mid-October) of the academic year prior to the intended leave period. Regional campus applicants must also submit copies of these materials to their Campus Dean and the Executive Dean for Regional Campuses.

  1. Current curriculum vitae
  2. Reports of outcomes of previous leaves taken including prior Professional Improvement Leaves or leave for participation in exchange programs.
  3. Proposal for Professional Improvement Leave
  4. Statement on proposed coverage of the applicant's job responsibilities, as discussed with his or her supervisor.

4.2 The Proposal for Professional Improvement Leave (no longer than 1,000 words) should include the following elements:

  1. Name of applicant
  2. Date of proposal
  3. Dates of intended Professional Improvement Leave
  4. Academic year in which applicant was appointed as a tenure-track Faculty member and start and end dates of any prior Professional Improvement Leave(s)
  5. Description of the proposed project including a discussion of how it would contribute to scholarship
  6. Statement of how the proposed project would advance the mission/goals of UL or the University
  7. Statement of how the proposed project would advance the applicant's professional growth and development
  8. Statement of anticipated end-products
  9. Identification of other appointments to be held during the proposed leave period, if any