All regular, full-time tenured members of the Faculty at the rank of assistant professor or higher who are in their seventh year of regular tenure-track appointment by the university are eligible to apply for a Faculty Professional Improvement Leave. Any faculty member granted Faculty Professional Improvement Leave is not eligible for another Faculty Professional Improvement leave for a period of seven years after the Faculty Professional Improvement Leave has been completed.

The granting of such leaves is not automatic. In applying for such leaves, UL Faculty should be mindful of the following principles:

  1. The proposed activity (or activities) should be a well-defined scholarly project(s) with a specific end-product(s).
  2. The project(s) should fit within the mission/goals of UL or the University, and contribute significantly to the professional growth of the individual.
  3. The Faculty member should be able to complete the project(s) successfully within the time allotted.