4.1  The reappointment process has as its primary purpose the preparation of probationary faculty members for a successful tenure review. Probationary faculty members shall be provided with the following guidance during the tenure-track period:

  • They shall be given information about UL goals, the role of UL Faculty, and professional and collegial standards and expectations, including scholarship and citizenship;
  • They shall undergo annual job performance evaluations written by their direct supervisor. They shall have the opportunity to discuss the evaluations and to respond to suggestions for improvement, and they shall receive a timely and fair response;
  • They shall have the opportunity to establish mentoring relationship(s), in part through the UL Mentor Program;
  • They shall have the opportunity to establish a clear and consistent record from which UL may confidently draw conclusions about their future performance.

4.2   Probationary faculty members shall undergo an annual reappointment review during their probationary period to foster their scholarship and citizenship. During the course of reappointment reviews, the Dean and the ad hoc Reappointment Committee shall communicate to the candidate a clear understanding about the requirements and conditions of tenure and provide a critical evaluation of the candidate's progress toward building a strong record for a successful tenure review. (See sections 9.2.G.2 and 9.2.H of this document).