Research Time Leave

* (for fuller explanation see the official policy as approved by UL faculty in 12/90)


Time to facilitate faculty progress toward research, writing, and related scholarly activities. These activities include the preparation of manuscripts, media, papers, proposals, reviews, and other intellectual endeavors that may lead to publication or other professional contributions in the field of librarianship or in subject disciplines. Research time may not be used to attend meetings and conferences of professional associations.


200 hours within fiscal year


Department Head, Associate Dean, CAC, Dean

Form Required:

Research Time Request

* It is the responsibility of the individual faculty member and the supervisor of that faculty member to track time used in Service, Conference/Workshop Leave and Research Time Leave.

Approved: CAC, 9/12/94
Revision Approved: CAC, 4/3/95
Approved: UL faculty, 4/12/95
Revision Approved: UL faculty, 5/2/96
Editorial Changes: Handbook Committee, 11/13/07