Role of Non-Tenure Track Library Faculty

In addition to their work as academic librarians, NTT faculty members meet the University Libraries' need for specialized training and experience in a wide range of library operations. Their managerial and supervisory responsibilities include depend on establishing effective working relationships with faculty, students, University Libraries support staff, university offices, and external vendors. NTT faculty meet specified goals and commitments, and ensure effective operation of assigned units with an emphasis on operational responsibilities. NTT faculty play an integral role in the attainment of University Libraries goals.

NTT faculty are members of the Fulltime Non-Tenure Track Collective Bargaining Unit. The Non-Tenure Track Collective Bargaining Agreement defines specific tracks for NTT faculty. University Libraries' NTT faculty typically have appointments in the Practitioner track (see NTT CBA, Article IX, Section 2, B2)

Kent Campus

UL NTT faculty have position descriptions and receive annual written performance evaluations based upon performance standards that are directly related to job duties and responsibilities. The demonstration of effective job performance by meeting or exceeding performance standards is the main criterion for continued employment. These annual performance evaluations are of primary importance when an NTT faculty member is being considered for continued employment through the Full Performance Review or simplified Performance Review processes. 

UL and the University also value professional development activities and, as such, may provide funding to faculty who qualify. Unpaid leaves of absence may also be granted to eligible faculty to pursue professional development activities if approved according to the criteria set forth in the FT NTT CBA (Addendum C).

Regional Campus Librarians and Library Directors

Each regional campus has a library with full-time professional staff. Some regional campus libraries employ NTT faculty who are members of the faculty of UL. As such, these faculty members have duties and responsibilities to their regional campus. In addition, regional campus faculty librarians collaborate with UL colleagues at all campuses to provide quality library service across the University. Regional campus NTT faculty are evaluated annually and must complete Full Performance Reviews or simplified Performance Reviews. Funding of professional development activities and approved unpaid leaves of absence are also available to regional campus NTT faculty who are members of the FT NTT collective bargaining unit, as set forth in the FT NTT CBA (Addendum C).

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