Tenure Timetable

3.1 Faculty appointed at the rank of Assistant Professor shall in most cases stand for tenure following five successful reappointment reviews. Faculty appointed at ranks higher than that of Assistant Professor may serve a shorter probationary period.

3.2 University policy allows eligible, untenured faculty members to extend their probationary period (toll) if family or other personal circumstances warrant this change. If a faculty member is eligible and opts to toll, the faculty member would stand for tenure a year later than otherwise for each tolled year.

3.3 In extraordinary circumstances, faculty who are appointed at the rank of Assistant Professor and who are scheduled to serve a full six-year probationary period may elect at their discretion to stand for tenure before the expiration of their probationary period. If a faculty member elects to stand for early tenure and is denied, such denial shall not prejudice a future departmental vote when he or she stands for tenure at the regularly scheduled time.