Recent Theses and Dissertations


  • 2014

    • Alison Dickerhoof: Looking for Query Terms on Search Engine Results Pages 
    • Sean Petiya: Building a Semantic Web of Comics: Publishing Linked Data in HTML/RDFa Using a Comic Book Ontology and Metadata Application Profiles 
  • 2013

    • Jeffrey Mixter: Linked Data in VRA Core 4.0: Converting VRA XML Records into RDF/XML 
    • Shadi Shakeri: Data Curation Perspectives and Practices of Researchers at Kent State University’s Liquid Crystal Institute: A Case Study 


  • 2015

    • Shelley Blundell: A Descriptive Phenomenological Investigation of the Academic Information Search Process Experience of Remedial Undergraduate Students 
  • 2013

    • Darin Freeburg: Information Culture and Belief Formation in Religious Congregations 
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