Mary Collins

Marketing/communications/development secretary

Communications/marketing and development offices, Ashtabula campus

In many ways, Mary Collins is the heart of Kent State University’s Ashtabula Campus. As the main switchboard operator, hers is the first voice people hear when they contact the campus. She engages students and community members when they call, answers their questions and directs them to the people and resources they need. She is a wealth of information about university procedures, donor and scholarship information, and facts about the Ashtabula Campus.

Collins is organized, efficient and dedicated, “going the extra mile” in all that she does. She plans the annual Scholarship Banquet – an event that always impresses students and donors – and she stepped up to distribute the campus mail while many staff members worked remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Collins exemplifies the Kent State philosophy of “Flashes Take Care of Flashes” as she ably assists students and new employees and makes all feel welcome to Kent State’s Ashtabula Campus.